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It scans any bills and tells you what amount it is and you have to put in a code to prove you are nobody other than you. The code must be your ID number.  that  is how it  can get  into the scanner knowing it is you.

By: Braydun Crawley and Maci Moss

This is about the paper dollar scanner Maci and Braydun are making in gifted. The paper dollar scanner is a really easy way to count money in a second. I want to tell you where to buy it, who will buy it, and how we will share the product with the world.

I’m going to tell you who we are going to sell it to.the ideas I have in mind are the concession stands at a ball game, gas stations, and stores that count money at the end of the day. I mean, it is easier to count money for them. The amount it will cost to buy  it is $250.00. That is who we will sell it to.

This is where we will put our product. We could sell it at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Class coe. You can order it from FedEx and Amazon. Now do you want to know how we can send it to the world? Guess!

How we shared it with the World 
We have a website that is called It is easy to get there. We will also put our product on bulletin boards on the highway. The last but not least TELEVISION!!! (mainly known as TV) Those are some of the ways we will share our product.